Every legal problem presents a unique set of circumstances which needs to be addressed by a professional who is well equipped to address the issues at hand.  

When selecting an attorney to work with, knowledge of the subject matter should be a given. Knowing that you have an attorney on your side who will work tirelessly for you and zealously advocate your position is paramount. 

At the Law Offices of Derek M. Wagley, you will be assured that consistent communication with the client and confidentiality of the subject matter is held in the highest regards and that you will always have someone on your side for support when you need it.  The hallmark of the office is proactive protection of client interests and to alleviate problems before they come to fruition. 

The Law Offices of Derek M. Wagley is a general practice located in Lafayette, California. To learn more about the various areas of practice, go to the practice area tab at the top of the page. To schedule a free thirty minute consultation, contact the office today. 

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